Cowardly NFL Commish Goodell Wishes the League 'Had Listened Earlier' to Colin Kaepernick

Nick Kangadis | August 25, 2020
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Another commissioner to a major sport, another mind capitulating to the far-left. As I’ve said before, sports in its current state is dead. The players have become nothing more than activists, seemingly putting said activism before the reason anyone knows who they are — athletics. The coaches and upper management of most organizations kowtow to the players, because they’re afraid of athletes walking out over a lack of support of their “activist” causes. And unsurprisingly, commissioners of major sports leagues bend the knee to social justice, thinking that’s where most of their money comes from.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell further showed his lack of a backbone by bowing before the perceived brilliance of still unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

In an interview on the divisive video series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” Goodell was guilted into expressing remorse towards Kaepernick by host and former NFL player Emmanuel Acho.

“You said you listened, you heard, you learned. You even apologized to so many,” Acho said. “But in the midst of all that, there wasn’t a specific message or apology to the catalyst of it all, Kaepernick, who you mentioned. If you were to publicly express your remorse, apologize to Kaepernick, what would you say?”

Laying it on a little thick there, huh Acho? Essentially Acho wanted another apology or some form of obedience from Goodell, and the cowardly commissioner obliged him.

“Well the first thing I’d say is I wish we had listened earlier, Kaep, to what you were kneeling about and what you were trying to bring attention to,” Goodell responded.

In his very next sentence, Goodell admitted that the league had invited Kaepernick to come in and talk with them about the situation he was “trying to bring attention to,” but noted that it never happened.

That’s because it’s not about the message. Social justice is a big business, just ask Kaepernick. The unemployed quarterback has received a financial windfall in the wake of his exodus from football.

Kaepernick has a book deal, a deal with Nike, a deal with Disney and will have a six-part documentary about him eventually appear on Netflix. Kaepernick, despite what literally anyone will tell you, is doing just fine without football.

Conversely, the NFL would probably do better without Goodell.

H/T: USA Today

For video of Goodell and Acho's "conversation," watch below:


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