COVID Treatment Fund Exec. Warns FDA About Boosters

Nick Kangadis | September 20, 2021
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On Friday, one man brought up some serious allegations concerning the COVID-19 vaccine and why it should make government agencies hold back on pushing the subsequent booster shots onto those already vaccinated.

Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund Steve Kirsch took part in a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee virtual meeting and spent his time criticizing the efficacy of the vaccines by claiming that they “kill more people than they save.”

“I’m going to focus my time today on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about,” Kirsch began, “that the vaccines kill more people than they save.”

“Today we focus almost exclusively on COVID death saves and vaccine efficacy, because we were led to believe that the vaccines were perfectly safe,” Kirsch continued. “But this is simply not true.”

Kirsch’s reasoning for his claim rests with the complications that some vaccinated people have seen concerning the heart and heart attacks.

“For example, there are four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group in the Pfizer six month trial report,” Kirsch said. “That wasn’t bad luck.  VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System under the CDC] shows heart attacks happen 71 times more often following these vaccines compared to any other vaccine.”

Kirsch’s claim had already been disputed, although not specifically when it came to heart attacks.

WTHR in Indianapolis conducted a fact check a week earlier from Kirsch’s remarks.

“Any person can report any adverse event that occurs after vaccination to the site to be further investigated, but it does not prove causation,” the fact check claimed.

And that’s true. But the fact check doesn’t disprove the theory that vaccines could have contributed to a person’s death, either.

In his presentation to the advisory committee, Kirsch brought up the all-cause death-life ratio, which attempts to show how many lives are lost in order to save one.

“Even if the vaccines had 100 percent protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life,” Kirsch said. “Four experts did analysis using completely different, non-U.S. data sources and all of them came up with approximately the same number of excess, vaccine-related deaths — about 411 deaths per million doses. That translates into 150,000 people have died.”

Kirsch then spoke about nursing home deaths, using the Israel Ministry of Health data to support his claim.

“We went from a 94.4 percent vaccinated group to 82.9 vaccinated in the last four months,” said Kirsch. “In the most optimistic scenario, it means that 50 percent of the vaccinated people died and zero percent of unvaccinated people died. Unless you can explain that to the American public, you cannot approve the boosters.”

For context, Kirsch's COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund "was created to ensure rapid and successful completion of outpatient clinical trials for effective early treatments for COVID-19, using existing drugs."

For video of Kirsch’s claims, watch below: