COVID Mandate-Pushing Cali Lawmaker Now Opposes Monkeypox Lockdowns In San Fran Gay Scene

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 8, 2022
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Something strange happens when people don’t understand (or, in the case of some politicians, they do, but try to hide it) the difference between private association on private property, and public interplay on government-run real estate.

Many of them subsequently embrace the mistaken belief that what happens on the private property, among voluntary participants, is, somehow, not private anymore, but is their business, and that it’s the same as interaction on tax-supported land. The more areas that are taken over by public control, the less space remaining – both physically, and in the minds of these “Karen-type” busybodies – for private, peaceful association.

The COVID19 lockdown battles that began in March of 2020 and still rage to this day are perfect examples of this misperception and political malignancy, and new facets of the government “medical emergency” mindset are beginning to show us just how fraudulent were some political claims of “concern,” and how much this crushing of voluntary association was about control of ideological opponents.

Case in point, California State Senator Scott Wiener (D-SF), who, as Chris Menahan observes for Information Liberation, championed unconstitutional and immoral COVID19 lockdowns in his state, but now rails against similar impositions to stem the spread of monkeypox in San Francisco.

Monkeypox has been shown predominantly to spread among homosexual males who engage in repeated skin-on-skin sexual contact.

But Wiener -- who in 2020 successfully passed legislation to change from a felony to a misdemeanor the crime of adult males engaging in sexual activity with underage boys, and who also led the successful 2017 charge to decriminalize the unwitting spread of HIV during sexual tryststweeted July 28:

“Lots of sex shaming of gay men around monkeypox. The same shaming we saw in the 1980s re HIV. Lecturing people not to have sex isn’t a public health strategy. It didn’t stop HIV — it made it worse — & it won’t stop monkeypox. What will work is vaccination, testing & education.”

Which may be correct. Prohibition didn’t stop booze and drugs, and it doesn’t stop black market firearms deals – just visit Chicago to see the evidence.

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But, regardless of the efficacy or wisdom of monkeypox lockdowns that could be enforced by the government, this tax-eating MEMBER of the government, Senator Wiener, appears to be blithely oblivious to his recent position on lockdowns for COVID19.

As Menahan points out, Wiener tweeted this double-standard-stinker on April 20, of 2020:

“Anti-vaccine activists 🤝anti-#StayHome activists Selfishness, hostility to science & healthcare workers, “pro-choice” - i.e., choosing to get other people infected with a deadly disease #COVID19

But going to parties where orgiastic behavior is expected – whether that be heterosexual or homosexual – that’s not selfish?

How about this for something Senator Wiener can pick up…

How about he learn that he doesn’t have to climb these enormous mountains of hypocrisy if he remains consistent on one simple matter:

Private property allows for only those voluntarily visiting to choose whether they are going to take a risk. He seems to understand this applies to gay partiers, but he doesn’t seem to grasp that the same principle holds for barbers (perhaps only Nancy Pelosi’s hairstylist/spa gets a pass?) and restaurateurs, bars, shopping centers, wineries other than Gavin Newsom’s, and all other privately owned places, including homes. Just because a property owner opens his or her place to visitors or patrons or workers does not mean it becomes “public” and suddenly is open to government control. The only things that are “public” are those on which tax money is spent, and those disaster-areas are where the taxpayers will argue over the health standards under which those places run.

If more private property were recognized as truly private, and gatherings were properly understood as allowing the free will of the visitors and hosts, only those attending would take on risks and assess them, based on their preferences. Upon leaving, the more private places, the better options people have to decide what the other “medical safety” paradigms and standards might be. Each of us freely decides. We all choose where and with whom we want to associate.

Right now, government forcing all of us to live under the “everything but your house is public” paradigm is akin to forcing people to go on dates with others, never knowing the personalities and risks they possess or present.

We must be able to choose, and only in a realm that recognizes private property can we do that.

Senator Wiener clearly shows that he not only embraces different positions on freedom of association, he exhibits a dismissive attitude for private property and the rights of his neighbors.

Those rights only seem to count when they are exercised by people for whom he can show his peculiar form of wokeism.

The rest of us will be forced to shake our heads, while his politically preferred partiers shake their booties.

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