COVID Lockdown Protests Increase, CA Residents DEFY Gov. Newsom

P. Gardner Goldsmith | April 19, 2020
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The rallies against COVID19 “Stay At Home” orders and commercial shutdowns took a major step forward over the weekend, as San Diego, California, residents took to the streets not just to ask Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom's kinglike consideration of the serfs he’s locked in their huts through Executive Order, but, in the great American tradition, to openly defy his order and call out his authoritarianism.


As CBS 8 San Diego reports, on Saturday, April 18, and Sunday, April 19, area residents lined the downtown streets for miles in open defiance of Governor Gavin Newsom’s commands, calling for an end to “Shelter In Place” orders, businesses closures, and shut-downs of public parks.

But they did more than call for Newsom to lay off. Carrying signs with slogans such as, “Keep Pelosi, Harris, Schiff & Newsom Home 4-Ever” and “Save Lives, Save Jobs, Save Businesses – Open Up!” they began to call for, and engage in, civil disobedience to intolerable edicts.

It was on Thursday, March 19, that collectivist Newsom issued his “Stay At Home Order”, a form of make-believe that not only sees no basis in the California Constitution, but also flies in the face of the US Constitution’s protection of free assembly, exercise of religion, fulfillment of private contract, right to a public trial and due process, prohibition against unwarranted search and seizure, promise of due process of law, and prohibitions of cruel and unusual punishment and property seizure without just compensation.

And while it seems that CA government employees were too busy chasing down ocean paddlers and filling skateboard parks with sand, and Gavin Newsom was too busy contemplating his next authoritarian mandate to read those so-called rule books, their actions are having two major effects.

First, the unemployment rate in California is skyrocketing.

As the Los Angeles Times reported a few days ago, in just four weeks:

2.7 million claims were processed statewide, amounting to 1 of every 7 workers in the state’s 19.3-million-person labor force.

Second. Many California residents have decided they’re no longer going to let Newsom play make-believe with their lives.

With their businesses suffering potentially career-ending pain, they have openly defied Newsom’s March diktat and begun getting some California sun.

And in that sun, they are meeting, and offering a message of liberty-embracing defiance.

Said local business owner Brian Everson, on April 18:

I think every business owner would be willing to put in safe procedures and protocols in order to start serving customers again.

Hold on now. Without a command? Does he mean through free will and voluntary association and contract?!

What kind of dangerous thinking is that?!

Said Ellen Conrad, a commercial real estate owner, at the same rally:

It’s not fair to ruin the economy for forty-million people, Gavin. I’m a small business owner, and I’m going to lose half of my income this year. I own commercial real-estate, and the people like Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, whatever, they can’t make their payments, but I still have to pay the bank.

In fact, she not only has a grasp on the devastation to the economy, Ms. Conrad knows that the statistics being tossed around by politicians on every level are lacking real substance.

It’s the flu. The people who have poor health are always the most vulnerable. God bless them. Of course I feel sorry for all lives lost. But we have to get back to work, because the rest of us matter, too.

And the longer the free market is suppressed by government commands, the less productivity there is to be directed towards any kind of needs, let alone medical needs.

The next day, April 19, protesters offered a similar message in Encinitas, a popular beachgoing area of San Diego, as they lined streets, held signs, and heard car horns honking in support of their open defiance of Newsom.

Holding signs that read, “Surfing Is Not A Crime”, and “This Is Punishment Not Protection”, driving psychedelic-painted vans with “I <3 Aerosmith” and Peace Symbols that will undoubtedly be depicted by the leftist pop media in New York and DC as "Crypto-Trumpist” messages, these freedom-seekers took matters into their own hands.

'I mean, this is the land of the free? The home of the brave?' said one protester. 'Isn’t that in a song? Well, I don’t seem to hear that song too well, any more.'

But perhaps these people, their voices, and their message of defiance, are being heard.

In fact, as CBS8 reports, San Diego police did not arrest people for their open defiance. Turning out in such large numbers, San Diego residents stood their ground, much like the rebels who stood up to King George in colonial America, across the continent and across the ages.

It might be time for King Gavin and other pretend dictators around the US to recognize the American rebellion that is already aboil.

And for national politicians to abide by the oaths they swear to uphold the US Constitution, and to not only steer clear of their own federal diktats, but to defend the Bill or Rights from this kind of California crackdown.

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