COVID 'Expert' Deborah Birx Says 'I Don't Know' If the Gov't Was Lying About Jab Efficacy

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 30, 2022
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After two years of social media censorship, pop media obfuscation and double-talk, excuses, data-hiding  and manipulation, lockdowns, billions spent sending out jabs that were given okays despite not passing through the normal testing process for efficacy and safety, towering hypocrisy, unconstitutional mandates, fearmongering over kids who are at a statistically ZERO chance of mortality from the virus, and reams of history re-writes that Orwell’s Ministry of Truth would find jaw-dropping, one of the biggest weaknesses in the uniformly untrustworthy Executive Branch COVID narrative has again emerged as an Achilles Heel, and exposed the government jab narrative for the absolute sham that it has been.

She’s the Scarf Lady herself, Debroah Birx, the former Trump COVID Task Force Coordinator who really helped cement her image as an uncaring and Constitution-defying cretin when she admitted at the White House in April of 2020 that the CDC was willingly taking reports of deaths with COVID19 as deaths caused by COVID19, even as the feds were financially INCENTIVIZING that artificial inflation of the COVID death stats by sending tens of thousands of dollars per patient to medical centers that unsoundly listed those inflated numbers.

Now, of course, we understand - as some of us did long before - that the jabbed are not protected from contracting the virus, as Birx and her fellow "experts" had repeatedly claimed.

And now, like a bout of acid reflux, the scarf-clad Birx has returned to the scene of the proverbial crime, Capitol Hill, where Ohio’s Jordan asked her this week:



When the government told us that people who were vaccinated couldn’t get [COVID], were they guessing, or were they lying?

To which Birx responded, "I don't know." 

To put it kindly, the good doctor appeared confused, and answered in classically annoying “up-talk,” making her initial reply sound like a question, itself, continuing:

All I know is there was evidence from the global pandemic that natural reinfection was incurring (sic). And since the vaccine was based on natural immunity, you cannot make the conclusion that vaccine will do better than natural infection.

Every utterance of which is incorrect or blatantly false.

After rumors of "natural reinfection," even the CDC admitted that as the jabs became more and more revealed for losing their efficaciousness to prevent transmission, naturally acquired B and T cell production among the unjabbed was proving (as naturally acquired immunity historically has) to be a valuable long-term safeguard against reinfection, even for new variants.

So, when Jordan noted:

You were on the Taskforce. You were part of this effort when you were with the previous Administration. You’re saying that you can’t rule out the fact that our government was lying to us when they told us the vaccinated could not get the virus.

He is spot-on.

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Whether these walking bureaucratic disasters who self-righteously took on the mantel of scientific godheads were lying, or hoping, or anything else is only part of the picture.

See, some of us knew this all was going to be the case because we knew, first, that even real vaccination (beyond mRNA pseudo-vaccination) doesn’t fare as well as natural immunity, and it does not truly eradicate disease the way that natural herd immunity can. We also knew that the mNRA jabs were, on the whole, unnecessary for most quintiles of the population, because the COVID19 disease has a survivability rate above 99 percent, even when averaged among all age groups. We also knew about the August 2021 admission of CDC head Rochelle Walenski that the jabs (which Anthony Fauci and the Trump admin sold to us as the way to prevent transmission) were not preventing transmission.



And, regardless of whether the truth about this virus, or the truth about the stilted numbers, or the incentives for inflated stats, or the grandiose claims of jab effectiveness that quickly were proven absurd, or the hypocrisy of the officials is all ever exposed to the vast bulk of Americans, what lies at the heart of the process is always there to see: the immorality of tax thievery to do all of it, completely contrary to the U.S. Constitution.

Even if the jabs had proven successful, or the viral research were a great boon to health, the immorality of this system cannot EVER be denied.

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