COVID-Crazed Australian State Mandates QR Code Scans For Private Home Visits

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 17, 2021
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It’s simple. Once the concept of private property in stores and other places open for commerce is breached by the state, all bets are off. And now, Victoria, Australia is showing the rest of the world precisely how this goes.

For weeks, the Victoria government has “strongly advised” private business owners to begin requesting that customers use their phones to scan a digital QR code connected to a government COVID-19 tracking system. Said “strong advice” meaning, as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported last week:

Authorised officers visited a range of venues between April 30 and May 2 and issued warnings or notices about a lack of compliance with the system.

So it’s been one of those “mandatory-compliance-but-we-won’t-say-that-too-often” forms of totalitarian government order.

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And now, NineNews from Victoria reports that the government has forced the QR code terror and idiocy onto private multi-family and single-family homes, and is demanding that visitors comply with the “scan” order.

A bizarre COVIDSafe rule has led to some Victorian residents seemingly being forced to display a QR code outside their homes by their body corporate.

The stringent regulation appears to require residents living in units, flats, townhouses and residential apartment buildings to have a QR code system, so all visitors - including family, friends and tradespeople - can check-in on arrival.

The strange rule has left some residents dumbfounded and out of pocket after they were forced to pay for the QR code.

Has it ever crossed the minds of these politicians that not only is COVID19 about as deadly as the seasonal flu, but also that private property includes commercial and residential property, and that invitations and choices to accept said invitations to enter private property are voluntary?

This is the meta-example of every “lockdown” order and “passport” proposal we’ve seen in the US.

Adds NewsNine:

The Victorian Government has introduced fines of up to $1652 for non-compliance with check-ins at businesses.

It is not yet clear if the fine will also apply in residential settings.

Until people acknowledge that anything on which tax money is not spent is supposed to be PRIVATE PROPERTY, these kinds of problems will persist.