Of Course They Did! L.A. County Removes Citizenship Requirement for Government Jobs

Patrick Taylor | August 2, 2022
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It seems like Los Angeles is adopting one harebrained proposal after another these days, and their ​​County Board of Supervisors’ decision last week is no exception.

On Friday, the board voted unanimously with no discussion to allow Los Angeles County to no longer require U.S. citizenship for government jobs. The motion was authored by Chair and former Obama Labor Secretary Hilda Solis (D) and co-authored by Chair Pro Tem Sheila Kuehl (D).

L.A. County Public Defender Ricardo García was among those pushing for the new policy, and claimed that requiring citizenship for employment in the county government is tantamount to discrimination based on “cultural, racial, ethnic, or religious characteristics.”

"Los Angeles County is a community of immigrants from each corner of the world," Solis wrote in a statement when the motion was introduced. "And while our County-government workforce reflects the community it represents, there is room for improvement.”

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Solis also apparently doesn’t think it’s necessary for someone to work in government who is a citizen and has to stake in the country they live.

“This motion seeks to make clear that the County, as one of the largest employers in the region, strives to be an inclusive and diverse workforce, and is committed to not excluding nor allowing citizenship to be a barrier to employment,” she said.

In the adopted motion, the committee found that citizenship was a “non-merit” factor “not substantially related to successful performance of the duties of the position.”

At this point, it almost seems like they’re mocking us and the sovereignty of the U.S.

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department applicants, along with any peace officers hired by the county, will still have to abide by the citizenship requirement.

According to a 2018 estimate, about 880,000 non-citizens live in Los Angeles. The county’s decision could allow thousands of illegal migrants to receive taxpayer-funded paychecks despite having broken federal law by being in the United States in the first place.


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