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Arrested Couple Used 'Water Treatment' To Discipline Their Two Small Children


What drives people to discipline children so violently?

On Friday, Nashville Metro police arrested April Love and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Jarrett, for abusing Love’s two sons, ages 3 and 6, on multiple occasions. They used what the children called “the water treatment” and “attitude adjuster” to discipline (more like torture) them. 

The children provided details about their abuse during interviews with counselors at Nashville Children's Alliance.

“The water treatment” involves dumping water on the young boys’ heads, often resulting in the liquid getting into their noses and mouths. According to WKRN-TV Nashville, the parents would not stop the torment until the children stopped crying.

As for the “attitude adjuster," Love and Jarrett would beat the boys with a large paddle.

This investigation began when the boys’ biological father noticed bruising on the children’s bodies. He immediately had them examined at a hospital before applying for and winning full custody of the boys. 

Love and Jarrett are currently behind bars on $400,000 bonds each. The two will be arraigned in the coming days.

WKRN-TV Nashville reports what have been charged with:

4 counts of Aggravated Child Abuse—Serious Bodily Injury

4 counts of Aggravated Child Abuse—Dangerous Instrumentality

2 counts of Aggravated Child Abuse—Torture

2 counts of Aggravated Child Neglect—Dangerous Instrumentality

2 counts of Aggravated Child Neglect—Torture

2 counts of Aggravated Child Neglect—Serious Bodily Injury

Unfortunately, the two boys will probably never forget this traumatizing time in their life. But now the two have the opportunity to grow up in a safe and supportive household. 

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