This County Leads the Nation in UFO Sightings Per Capita

Ben Graham | April 2, 2015
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Do you believe in life beyond our solar system? Do you think there are intelligent alien species out among the stars? If you do, do you think that they have come to Earth? Just for fun, there’s an interactive map for you to peruse that will show you just how many UFO sightings there have been in your counties since 2010. Just look for your county on the map and get the numbers so you can share with your friends.

As you’ll see on the map, California has, by far, the most alleged extraterrestrial activity. Though, Jeff Davis County, TX has the highest sightings per capita at 173 sightings per 100,000 people. That’s huge in comparison to MRCTV’s home county of Fairfax - we have only 5 sightings per 100,000 people.

The map is based on data collected by the “National UFO Reporting Center” (NUFORC) and if you visit the site you can scan their database and find detailed reports of things people experienced.

Here are a couple of examples from the NUFORC director’s top picks:

  • In Longview, WA, fourteen forestry workers witness a horseshoe shaped object lift an adult elk out of the forest and fly off with the apparently dead, or unconscious, animal.
  • In Waldorf, MD, many people were awakened by multiple launches of F-16 fighters, on afterburner, out of Andrews AFB. Many witnesses see two F-16’s in high-speed, low-altitude pursuit of “red ball of light.”
  • An FAA Air Traffic Controller telephones NUFORC to report multiple sighting reports by airline pilots of “metallic cigar tubes” tracking their aircraft for several seconds over the eastern seaboard.
  • All across northern California, there were multiple dramatic reports of unidentified objects streaking across the morning sky.  A young school girl reports to school nurse of being approached at a bus stop by a strange-looking grey creature.

No matter what you believe about the topic, this is still some pretty interesting food-for-thought, right?

Check out the infamous map below: