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Country Singer Loses Spot on ZZ Top Guitarist's Tour After Posting Picture in MAGA Hat to Facebook


You know that “tolerance” the Left always likes to tout as if they’re champions of true inclusion? Yeah, that doesn’t exist for people they disagree with.

Country singer Benton Blount, who was a season 10 finalist on the talent show “America’s Got Talent," was temporarily banned from Facebook after posting a picture of himself wearing an “I Voted” sticker and “Make America Great Again” hat while eating Chick-Fil-A. The caption for the Facebook post read, “Someone reading this just got offended multiple times. My work here is done! #Vote.”

Blount would soon come to find out that the temporary Facebook ban wouldn’t be the only thing he was removed from.

According to Greenville News:

Greenville singer and "America's Got Talent" finalist Benton Blount said he was banned from Facebook for 24 hours and removed from his opening slot on Billy Gibbons' tour after posting a photo of himself wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat and an "I voted" sticker.

Blount was four shows into a seven-show slot opening shows for ZZ Top's Gibbons when he learned he had been kicked off the tour.

The Left is so deranged in their attempted brainwashing of everyone into thinking their way that anyone that deviates from their indoctrination must be taught a lesson in the form of sabotaging their careers.

“I thought that it would be OK for me to post that I voted. I thought that it would be OK for me to say who I supported,” Blount said, according to Fox News. “I had a MAGA hat on. For that reason, and that reason alone ... my career is on hold for the week.”

After returning from a 24-hour Facebook exile, Blount said that the reason for his dismissal from Gibbons’ tour was because of the temporary ban. The only reason Blount was aware of for the Facebook ban was because he “violated community standards.”

What community? The Facebook community that works to ban people for benign posts? Or is it the easily offended on Facebook that can’t handle images or words that might cause them some kind of imaginary trauma?

This is disgraceful, and Facebook needs to be held to account. If you think you have the same First Amendment rights on Facebook that you kind of have in real life, you’re sorely mistaken.

I’m not a huge country fan, but Blount can most definitely carry a tune. You can check out his music by clicking here.

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