‘Counterrevolution Is Here’: Levin’s Book EXPOSES Marxist ‘ENEMY’

Gabriel Hays | July 9, 2021
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For the past year, Americans have watched their cities burned and looted in the name of George Floyd and the lies of so-called anti-racism. They’ve discovered that public school educators are teaching their kids to hate America as an oppressive regime built upon white supremacy. And, they’re currently witnessing our country’s border security and general sense of law and order deteriorate completely.

For many, this probably seems like a strange alternate reality or bad dream they want to wake up from. But author, legal scholar and Fox News host Mark Levin stresses in his new book “American Marxism” that these problems are very real and being weaponized by the far-left in order to “devour” this country. 

In an interview with Media Research Center Founder and President Brent Bozell, Levin talked about his new book, which characterizes the all-out leftist assault on our nation as an American “counter-revolution” that is “here NOW.”


“You better look around because it’s not that this counterrevolution is coming," Levin told Bozell, stressing the urgency of America’s present predicament. "It is here. It is devouring us, it is devouring our culture – every aspect of our culture.”

He added, “It is ubiquitous. It’s on television. It’s in our classrooms, it’s in our universities. It’s in our entertainment. It’s in corporate boardrooms, it’s in the Democrat Party, it’s in law making.”

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the news or social media, or even pop culture media, can see what’s going on.

Traditional American values are being subverted and spurned at every turn, and leftist mobs – encouraged by their elitist media allies and the Democrat Party – are intimidating people who want to defend their traditional values. Levin’s book explains the left’s game and makes a plea to the American people that they need to stop this now.

“If we don’t wake up to this now – and not just wake up to it but do something about it – they’re going to win and we’re going to lose," Levin warned in the interview. "And this country won’t be the same country we’re living in today.”

The author also stressed an important distinction between the typical right/left politics that Americans are used to and this new, more militant shakedown of our society.

“The point of the first six chapters is to explain who the enemy is. And I mean enemy," he told Bozell. "I don’t mean adversary. I don’t mean political opponents. I mean ENEMY.” 

Levin then summed up the left's plan:

These people mean to destroy our way of life, our liberty, our freedom. They mean to brainwash our children – that’s exactly what they’re doing – destroy our lifestyle and our economic system with a bunch of de-growth fanatics. Open borders – there’s a purpose for that. That’s part of this whole critical theory model that’s going in there.

As he explained later in the interview, this Marxist “counterrevolution” incorporates racial grievance, radical climate change politics and open border policies as weapons in order to hinder and subvert the freedom and potential of the United States as the founders envisioned it. It’s also an attempt to demoralize the good American citizen into handing over his country to the very radicals that want it destroyed. 

American Marxism is available for pre-order now, and ready for purchase on July 13.

Watch the complete interview above.