Costas Blasts 'Shameless' IOC For Allowing China To Host Winter Olympics

John Simmons | January 24, 2022
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When you've lost Bob Costas ... Sports broadcaster Bob Costas has had enough with the International Olympic Committee’s and media’s combined love affair with communist countries.

Over the past fourteen years, three of the past eight Summer and Winter Olympic events have been hosted in communist nations – the 2008 Summer Olympics (Beijing), the 2014 Winter Olympics (Sochi, Russia), and the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics (Beijing again). All of these nations have a very full ledger of human rights violations, restrictions on free speech, and an overall disdain for freedom, yet the IOC seems perfectly content to give these countries the privilege of hosting the Olympics, and NBC seems equally as happy to spend billions of dollars to be limited in what they can and can not do to cover the Olympics.

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Costas mentioned in an interview on CNN that due to the highly restrictive nature of the upcoming games, both with the media outlets at the games and the absurd COVID regulations, it will not even feel enjoyable or authentic for anyone involved.

“But as you mention, the restrictions on press freedom and the sense that everyone there is being monitored in some way…It isn’t just NBC. Any network that broadcasts big sports events is simultaneously in a position, it’s quasi-journalistic at best. You’re reporting a news event and what surrounds it in the case of the Olympics isn’t just what’s confined to one game in a stadium, you’re reporting an event, but you’re also promoting the event.”

Click the link below to watch Costas’ destroy the IOC for their choices:

Costas also highlighted that IOC does not approve of political statements during the Olympics, which will limit how much airtime is given to highlight the human rights atrocities China is committing. He further speculated that outlets will briefly highlight China’s totalitarian rule, and then say nothing else about what is going on unless absolutely necessary.

Despite all of China’s efforts to intimidate those who shed light on their wicked government, the truth of China’s rule is coming to light. Even though they will try to limit how much it comes to light during the Games, there is ultimately no hiding it from people like Costas who see the truth.

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