Cornell Offers Course on Trump’s ‘Xenophobic Nationalism’


Ivy League school Cornell University will be offering a class on President Trump’s “xenophobic nationalism” come Fall 2017.

Cornell University reports that it will be offering the course entitled “America Confronts the World” taught by Professor Peter Katzenstein to its students in the College of Arts & Sciences. 

The course description sets up a dichotomy between Trump’s “xenophobic nationalism” and former President Barack Obama’s “pragmatic cosmopolitanism":

"Donald Trump and Barack Obama give us two visions of America and of the world: xenophobic nationalism and pragmatic cosmopolitanism.  America and the world are thus constituted by great diversity."

The course description states that the first part of the course will examine the “diversity” in American politics, including foreign policy, through the lens of “region, ideology, region, race, class and religion.” The second half of the course will examine American foreign policy and its “expression” in “American-infused globalization and U.S.-centered anti-Americanism”:

"The first half of the course seeks to understand that diversity in American politics and foreign policy viewed through the prisms of region, ideology, region, race, class and religion. The second half inquires into the U.S. and American engagement of different world regions and civilizations: Europe, Russia, North America, Latin America, China, Japan, India and the Middle East. U.S. hard power and American soft power find expression in far-reaching processes of American-infused globalization and U.S.-centered anti-Americanism reverberating around the world."

The course description ends by claiming, “Advocates of one-size-fits-all solutions to America's and the world's variegated politics are in for great disappointments.”

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