COP27 Climate Cultists Who Want You To Eat Bugs Are Dining On High-Dollar Beef

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 17, 2022
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As I reported Monday when discussing Al Gore and Google teaming up to push global satellite surveillance of our energy use, the high priests of the Climate Cult have a lot of big plans – for YOU and ME. But these bigwigs don’t seem interested in abiding by their own edicts.

How strange.

Take their insulting drive to make us eat bugs. In both Sri Lanka and Holland, globally-connected, “climate concerned” political leaders have imposed, or are in the process of imposing, “carbon-reduction” commands that either have destroyed the agriculture and livestock sectors, or, as in the case of Holland, are on their way to destroying them. Their stated reasons are all altruistic, of course. They want to save the world from cow flatulence and the use of nitrogen fertilizer. They want to save the world from a spurious, unproven “crisis” by making grain, beef, pork, and poultry so expensive, people in Third-World nations won’t be able to afford sufficient amounts of those products to prevent mass starvation.

But, given the fact that many of these same Climate Cultists also want to see a massive reduction in the world’s population, perhaps some of them don’t have any problem with that.

Meanwhile, many of those elites are telling us that, even as they push the price of beef higher, we should eat insects, and chow down on Bill Gates’ fave: synthetic, so-called “beef.

Yet, at COP 27 -- the air-conditioned gathering of climate alarmists and central-planners who want to run your life -- their menu is full of the finest high-end beef and cuisine that government-corporate-central-banker money can buy.

The Daily Caller’s Jack McAvoy has discovered a nice little menu for those dining at the Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt soiree, and it looks darned good…

“World leaders and officials attending the United Nations COP27 climate conference can spend up to $100 per entree to eat red meat, seafood and other gourmet menu items. However, the UN has previously discouraged red meat consumption due to the carbon emissions that beef farming creates.

Delegates who arrive at Egypt’s beachside resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh to discuss ways to mitigate the “climate crisis” are able to enjoy COPGourmet’s $100 Angus beef medallion which is served with mushroom sauce and sauteed potatoes, according to screenshots obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. However, the UN aims to ‘minimize emissions per calorie’ and to reduce meat consumption in order to prevent the planet from overheating, according to a COP27 food security document.”

The hypocrisy is rich, indeed. Kind of like seeing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau haughtily tell Chinese leader Xi Jinping that in HIS country, they favor freedom of speech and honest discussion – after Trudeau earlier this year trampled the rights of anti-lockdown freedom advocates, after he supported and helped pass C-16, which punishes people for using pronouns that others might not like, and even as Trudeau pushes further statutory clamp-downs on internet speech.

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If these Climate Busy-Bodies could convert political hypocrisy into energy, they’d be able to fuel the world. But, of course, we already have cheap energy sources in oil, coal, and natural gas, and the Cultists have shown that they want to expunge those from the world market – a market they want to control.

“’The menu on offer is yet another example of the staggering disconnect between so-called leaders and the people they represent,’ Nathan McGovern, a spokesperson for the animal and climate activist group Animal Rebellion, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. ‘It is hypocritical for delegates at COP27 to be dining on the destruction of our natural world, whilst simultaneously claiming to be trying to protect it.’”

And, adds McAvoy:

“Although many Egyptian dishes, including its national dish Koshary, are vegan, not one main dish on the VIP menu is vegan, and the $20 pesto and cheese ravioli represent the sole vegetarian entree on offer.”

If these command-and-control zealots were honest, they would admit the weakness of their claim that CO2 and Nitrogen emissions are causing a global warming catastrophe.

If they understood economics, they would admit that only freedom allows consumers and producers to exchange price information, allowing them to express their preferences in relation to current and projected availability of a resource, product, or service, and that the competitive system then works to make more of those things available to people at lower and lower costs – including waste and costs to the environment.

Come to think of it, it’s likely that some of the COP 27 attendees DO know these fundamentals of economics, but they prefer to act on the insatiable desire to control others, even as they don’t conform to their own self-righteous pronouncements.

“’It was amusing to hear about how Angus beef and sea bass was being served to certain officials, while at the same time, side events at COP27 were championing the idea of going vegan and eliminating red meat,’ Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow President Craig Rucker told the DCNF.”

When something as basic as the menu at a Climate Cult ritual is evidence of the attendees’ hypocrisy, is it any wonder that many people find them and their schemes utterly contemptuous?

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