Cop Warns Trump Supporters: 'If You Don't Want to Get Your Butts Whooped,' Stay Away


On inauguration-eve, a D.C. police officer gave Trump supporters at the National Press Club some "free advice."

Caught on camera by MRCTV, the policeman warned Trump supporters at the "Deploraball" at the National Press Club to stay away from the crowd in front, because anti-Trump supporters will beat them up, even though they have a legal right to free speech:

"If you guys don't want to get you butts whooped - we don't need any reporters (to MRCTV) - seriously, but, if you walk through there, I'm just trying to give you some free advice, seriously - everybody's got the right to freedom of speech at the end of the day, so do you, but I'm just trying to give you some free advice."



So, rather than offering to protect the Trump supporters, the police officer tells Trump supporters to surrender to the anti-Trump protesters' attempts to intimidate them.

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