‘Contagion’ Actress Gives COVID-19 Safety Tips - Is Roasted By The Internet For It


Actress Kate Winslet, who played the fictional epidemiologist Dr. Erin Mears in the 2011 pandemic film Contagion, decided that the preparation and research she did for the role qualifies her to speak about preventative measures to be taken regarding the novel coronavirus. She did so in a video Sunday, for which she was soundly heckled on social media.

In the video, Winslet reminded her audience that to prepare for the role, she had spent time with “some of the best healthcare professionals in the world.”

The actress then went on to state that said professionals had told her to “wash your hands like your life depends on it,” adding,” because now, it just might. Not to mention the lives of those we love or come into contact with as the coronavirus spreads across the globe.” As she was saying this, Winslet also gave a handwashing demonstration.

Winslet concluded the video by saying, “I know this is hard, and this is new, and it’s scary. But you really can defend yourself and the people you love with a bar of soap, a sink, some water, and by listening to the public health experts where you live. We all want a cure. But until we have one, we have to be that for each other - starting now.”

Although the advice given by Winslet was pretty much entirely accurate, those on Twitter still decided to take exception to being lectured by a Hollywood entertainer, with one user mockingly asking, “She was also in Titanic. Any advice on nautical navigation at night?”

Another user wrote, “And later … we’ll be talking to Mel Gibson about Scottish Freedom and what it would meant to him.”

Yet another user decided to draw a ridiculous parody parallel, stating, “I played Jesus in the school nativity play. To prepare for the role they stripped me naked and nailed me to a cross. Some scars never heal.”


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