Conspiracy Theorist Rep. Adam Schiff Calls AG Bill Barr the 'Second-Most-Dangerous Man In America'

John Romero | June 6, 2019
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California Rep. Adam Schiff, the congressman who for the last two years told the American people that Trump and his team colluded with the Russian to rig an election, now says that Trump’s AG is the “second-most-dangerous-man in the country,” as reported by The Hill.

“We find ourselves, I think for the first time, with an attorney general who really is the president’s defense lawyer and spokesperson, who’s quite good at it and has the veneer of respectability to camouflage what he’s doing,” Schiff told the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C. 

“He is not the sophist that Giuliani is. He’s much more dangerous, and I think he’s the second-most dangerous man in the country,” he added.

All the while, for the last two years Schiff would go on television show after television show pushing the now-debunked Trump-Russia collusion narrative, going as far as to claim there were mountains of evidence that Trump and his campaign had sought Russian assistance in rigging the 2016 presidential election.

Except he didn't have any.

Schiff is on record even pushing flat-out conspiracies about the supposed "collusion," including that Roger Stone receiving advanced knowledge of the Wikileaks release of Hillary Clintons’ emails, something both Stone and Wikileaks have denied.

And, though Schiff now calls Barr "dangerous," he continues to pedal conspiracies and chase the ghost of collusion. While for months Democrats, including Schiff, have demanded the underlying evidence into the Trump-Russia investigation, their tune took a complete 180-degree turn when AG Barr had made it clear in multiple interviews that he would be looking into how the genesis of the Russia collusion hoax and if spying into the Trump campaign had been justified by law. 

After Barr had been given sweeping declassification authority so that he could show the American people how the Trump-Russia hoax got started in the first place, Schiff immediately turned to attacking Barr declaring him “grossly unfit for office,” pushing even more conspiracy theories. He and even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of engaging in a cover-up, Because apparently, in Schiff’s mind, the Trump administration releasing documents to the public equals a cover-up.


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