Conservative Journalists Lose Verified Status After Twitter Changes Policy

ashley.rae | November 16, 2017
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Twitter has revamped its verification policies in light of people with subjectively unsavory political views receiving the sought-after blue checkmark. Due to these policy changes, conservative journalists have seen their accounts stripped of their “verified” status.

Originally, the point of Twitter’s verification status was for people to prove they are who they say they are if they qualify as a public figure. However, the nature and the purpose of Twitter’s blue checkmark came into question when Milo Yiannopoulos famously lost his coveted blue tick.

Twitter was led to rethink its verification process—and its meaning—after internet mobs voiced their outrage over one of the organizers of the Charlottesville rally getting verified. Instead of treating verification as verification, users argued verification was an implicit endorsement of the views of the verified user. Twitter responded by claiming it would revamp the verification process:

On Wednesday, Twitter announced it had a change of heart over what accounts should be verified. In a series of tweets, Twitter said they had verified people who they “in no way endorse” and that it would be working towards making verification a “new program we are proud of”:

The new Twitter verification page details that people can lose their badge if are viewed as promoting “hate.”

Shortly after the announcement, conservative journalists such as Laura Loomer and Tommy Robinson lost their verified status. Notable alt-right public figures lost their checkmarks:

People were quick to point out the decision to remove checkmarks appears to be political. Some of the people who are still verified include Harvey Weinstein and those who have called for the death of white people and President Trump:

By making the verification process dependent on holding socially acceptable political views, Twitter is playing a game of favorites. By taking away verifications for people who express anti-politically correct sentiments but keeping it for people who tweet about hating white people, Twitter is now expressly endorsing those positions under its new policy, which it ironically claims was never the point of verification in the first place.

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