Conservative Actor Blasts Secret Hollywood Conservatives, Calls Them 'Cowards'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | August 28, 2019
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Actor and producer Isaiah Washington, most notably known for his role in “Grey’s Anatomy,” called out clandestine Hollywood conservatives who are neglecting to reveal themselves to the public in fear of being ousted from the liberal media spotlight. 

Washington joined the #WalkAway movement earlier this year and has posted his political views on Twitter multiple times showing he was not one to remain on the Democratic plantation. 

The actor made sure to make more of his opinions known as he addressed the behavior of actors who are hiding their conservative beliefs.

“I have a message for the Hollywood Actors DM’ing me and revealing that you’re Conservatives,” Washington posted to Twitter. “Don’t DM me again, because you all are lame and I don’t respond well to hypocrites or cowards. You’re no different than the bystander that is waiting on the blood to spill from a martyr.”

If there is a positive in this tweet, it’s that there are some conservatives in Hollywood. But, as Washington points out, if that’s the case, then they should stand up for the principles they hold dear instead of being afraid of not getting another Hollywood gig for “coming out.” I know that’s easier said than done, but at the same time, there is no freedom in staying concealed just so you can avoid media confrontation and please your liberal masters. 

A lot of folks on Twitter supported the actor’s post:

One supporter, a little weary of Washington's straightforwardness, told the actor to be reassuring to those who had the strength to message him:

Hopefully, with time, many of these Hollywood actors come to grips with the fact that holding in truth for the sake of fame is not the way to live.

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