Connecticut School Board Overrules Moms, Votes to Keep Book About Crossdressing In Second-Grade Curriculum

Brittany M. Hughes | November 30, 2022
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A Connecticut school board voted this week in favor of keeping a book about a crossdressing boy in a second-grade classroom’s curriculum, ruling that the material was “appropriate” for seven- and eight-year-old students despite parents' objections.

The move comes after some concerned parents expressed anger that the book “Julian Is a Mermaid” was being taught to their very young children in Darien Public Schools. One mom, Megan Watros, showed up to a school board meeting earlier this month to read excerpts from the illustrated book, in which Julian, a boy, realizes he wants to be a girl and strips down to his underwear before donning women’s clothing and a wig at a parade.

“Education on changing gender should be completely off-limits,” Watros told the school board, adding that while she’s “all for” supporting diversity, indoctrinating very young children about gender transitioning is “inappropriate,” especially when it’s done without parental knowledge or consent.

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“If this is the path the school wishes to take with the social and emotional learning, because that’s the guise that they’re hiding this under, then we should be able to opt out,” Watros said.

But the school board, made up of elected members who apparently think they know better than parents how to educate other people's children, and who don’t much care what you may or may not want your child exposed to, voted to keep the book in the classroom, saying that it meets the district’s definition of age-appropriate material and supports their “core values” of diversity and inclusion.

Welcome to 2022, where the genders are made up and parental rights don't matter.