Confused Biden Says His Student Debt Plan Passed Congress - It Didn't

Brittany M. Hughes | October 24, 2022
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President Joe Biden can’t remember that he’s president, what community he grew up in (Puerto Rico?), who his wife is, or where he’s supposed to go when he finishes a speech.

Now, he can’t remember what bills he’s gotten passed, or whether Congress even voted on his agenda in the first place.

Speaking in a round-table interview on Now This, the 79-year-old president claimed that his student loan debt forgiveness plan was passed by Congress within a vote or two –when, in fact, the plan was never actually sent through Congress at all.

“I’ve just signed a law that’s being challenged by my Republican colleagues…what we’ve provided for is if you’re going to school, if you’ve qualified for a Pell grant, you’ve qualified for $20,000 in debt forgiveness. Secondly, if you don’t have one of those loans, you just get $10,000 written off,” Biden explained.

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“It’s passed. It passed by a vote or two. It’s in effect,” he added.


Over here in Realityville, Biden’s debt forgiveness plan has been temporarily blocked by a court in part because it wasn’t passed by Congress, and there are more than a few questions over whether a president can, in fact, unilaterally “forgive” – i.e., transfer to the taxpayers – tens of billions of dollars' worth of individual federal loans. Had it not gotten hung up in court, the administration could have started rolling out the program and changing accounts on Sunday. 

But they didn't.

Biden also said he thought about 13 million people had already signed up for the program – which is just a little shy of the real total of about 22 million.