Comrade de Blasio Declares Tropical Storm Isaias a 'Result of Global Warming'

Nick Kangadis | August 5, 2020
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Do communists actually hear what comes out of their mouths? They can make a claim in one sentence and then contradict said claim a minute later. Their level of confident ignorance can only be described as impressive, because a lazy person wouldn’t put this much work into sounding so ridiculous on such a consistent basis.

New York City Mayor Comrade Bill de Blasio held a press conference on Tuesday to talk about and warn New Yorkers of the progression and arrival of Tropical Storm Isaias. De Blasio took a decent portion of his time to point out specifically that storms like Isaias are the “result of global warming.”

“Let’s talk about the bigger reality,” de Blasio said in propagandistic fashion. “What we’re seeing here, and what we’ve been seeing now for years, is the result of global warming. We’ve been seeing more and more pressure on coastal areas all around the world.”

The mayor spoke about how big storms are more frequent in the age of increased global warming, but de Blasio kind of contradicted himself with the very first statement in this address that he made to the people of New York.

“I just want to emphasize, when we talk about a tornado warning, it’s such a rarity here in New York City. It may sound to some people like that’s not something to worry about.”

Of course, a tornado of any size is something for people to worry about. But, how can tornadoes be rare while global warming is making storms like what Isaias is bringing to the area more frequent? I thought storms were supposed to be stronger and happen more often. That’s what they all want us to think, right? So which is it?

That first line contradicted most of what de Blasio said after it.

Oh, and just as a quick note, I thought it was "climate change?" It was originally "global cooling." Then, it was "global warming." What gives?

De Blasio also made the claim that after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, “there were no more climate change deniers in New York City.” That’s a bold claim.

Since 1821, New York City has seen the effects of 11 hurricanes and four tropical storms, including Isaias. For those playing the home game, that makes for an average of one major storm about every 13 years. To be fair, weather technology has exponentially increased in the last 50 years.

The main gripe here is that de Blasio took time from legitimately informing people about the particulars of the storm to push a political talking point — which global warming is at this point. No one gives a crap about that. That “information” helps no one at a time when people should be preparing for whatever any storm might bring their way.

Just another instance of de Blasio on his soapbox.

For video of de Blasio’s comments, watch below:


H/T: Breitbart