Comparing Voter Laws to Jim Crow Is Ignorant, Insulting and False – and Here’s Why

Brittany M. Hughes | April 13, 2021

Leftists are going whole-hog against Georgia’s new voter laws. The MLB got so mad they pulled their All-Star game out of Atlanta and moved it to Colorado – which, also coincidentally has voter ID laws. Anyway. And now they’ve got a fun little catchphrase they’ve started using to describe a simple rule that says you have to show a photo ID at the polls: it’s the New Jim Crow.

Which would be funny in its stupidity if it weren’t so insulting to those who actually suffered under Jim Crow. Liberals have proven they have no problem exploiting one of the most heinous times in American history so they can lie to people and get their way. Because they long ago decided that black people are too stupid to think this through. After all, Democrats were the ones who passed Jim Crow in the first place. And apparently, their opinion of black Americans hasn’t changed much.