Communist Cuba Offers Internet Service for Cell Phones That's Unaffordable for Most Citizens


It’s all well and good that the Communist country of Cuba is loosening its death grip on its populace, but when the new things you’re offering is “out of reach” for most of those people, how much progress are you really making?

According to Reuters:

In a news show broadcast late on Tuesday, ETECSA executives announced a range of packages valid for 30 days from 600 MB for the equivalent of $7 dollars to 4 GB for $30. Without a package, 100 MB will cost users $10.

The cost will be out of reach for many Cubans as the average state wage is around $30 per month, and many people rely on remittances from relatives abroad or side gigs to get by.

$30 a month in 2018. That’s insanity and just another example of how Communism doesn’t work. Think about that. Even if someone gets the lowest package, they’re not only getting slower internet than the rest of the developed world, but they’d have to pay a third of their monthly wage.

The kicker is that the availability of the internet will only be offered on cell phones, not for use on computers.

“It was about time this became a possibility for Cubans too,” Havana resident Joaquin Montiel said. “But for some, like me, it’s still a remote one.”

Listen, I’m not trying to crap all over this move. At least the people are getting an easier opportunity to connect with the rest of the outside world, which until recently was a luxury only available to those visiting tourist sites on the island. What I'm asking is, what good is this internet access if it means most people would have to sacrifice putting food on their tables?

It looks like this is just another case of the “haves” and the “have-nots.”

H/T: Fox Business

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