Common Cause Selectively Condemns Hateful Rhetoric

Joe Schoffstall | February 4, 2011
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After videos were placed on Big Government and from a progressive rally in Palm Springs, FL where protesters were preaching the evils of those big, bad Koch brothers, a firestorm ignited after participants were captured on video calling for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to be hanged, go back to the fields, and be lynched. Common Cause, the liberal activist group who was the main sponsor of the event, was forced to condemn the actions of the participants. Let's get serious here, if these outlandish and spiteful words were caught on tape a Tea Party rally, the outcry would be a million times louder. As seen in the video below, it seems as if Common Cause selectively condemns hateful rhetoric- that of the attendees, but not those who were speaking on their behalf. (h/t

Of course, they were simply abiding by the ever-gracious cries of a 'new tone' and 'civility' in politics that liberals have been calling for of late. Well, we all knew that was never the case, nor would it ever be the case. It was, however, a valiant effort as silencing Republicans.