Comment(s) of the Day - Oct. 8th 2010

Joe Schoffstall | October 8, 2010
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Today's comment of the day goes to two people for their differing views on the 'NRA Endorsing Unprecedented Amount Of Democrats In 2010' while keeping civil discourse. Krumudgen first commented:

Gun ownership is a personal responsibility. NRA protects gun rights. The dynamics of this protection is that if an incumbent votes with the NRA then the NRA MUST support them. (To do anything else would be political suicide.)
But being responsible and intelligent individuals, gun owners can utilize the data and make choices they think are appropriate.
And now for the response by Fmb501:
Your are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, the 2nd Amendment doesn't stand alone and when Democrats chip away at all of the other Constitutional protections, they are eventually going to come after the 2nd Amendment. Once the Democrats sell the idea that they can mandate control over all aspects of health care for the greater good, they will prohibit guns for the greater good and will probably link it to Obamacare as a cost reduction argument. Don't believe me? Look where we are today.