Commanders RB Supports Pro-Gun Control Org. With Cleat Design

John Simmons | December 5, 2022
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While the NFL’s annual “My Cause My Cleats” initiative was meant to gain publicity for deserving charities across the country, yet another star is using his cleats to promote a woke organization.

Washington Commanders running back Brian Robinson Jr. chose to promote “Everytown for Gun Safety,” an organization that unsurprisingly seeks to end gun violence by pressuring lawmakers into passing stricter gun ownership laws (a strategy that has been tried and has shown awful results wherever this logic is applied).

To be fair to Robinson, he has more reason than most to have a vested interest in this issue.

Back in August, Robinson was shot twice by two teenagers who attempted to steal his car near his home in the D.C. area. Remarkably, after undergoing surgery for non-life threatening injuries, he has returned to action and been a consistent producer in the Washington backfield.

But an unfortunate personal experience does not justify supporting an organization that wants to do everything in its power to eliminate gun ownership. Gun violence is a problem that is not solved by fewer people owning guns or by making guns harder to obtain.

Unsurprisingly, that didn't cross the mind of Fox Sports play-by-play analyst Jonathan Vilma from applauding Robinson's footwear during Washington's game against the New York Giants on Sunday.

"And this is the part that I love about - is you have this platform now you're able to expand on it, especially for causes that mean so much," Vilma said. "And Brian Robinson, I mean, what more can we say about gun violence and the need to end it and find stricter gun laws?"

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Here's what we can say: if you can't see gun violence ending in a place lie Washington D.C., where gun laws are some of the strictest in the country, it probably means gun control isn't the answer.

No matter how many restrictions are placed on firearms, gun violence will always happen somewhere because people who are sick enough to assault another human with a gun will do whatever they can to get their hands on one. Plus, in Robinson’s case, two teenagers were still able to buy guns even though law requires you to be 21 to buy one in most cases. Gun violence will always be a problem as long as guns exist, and you can’t just make guns disappear - though our government certainly would like to.

Robinson’s woke design choice reflects that of New England Patriots running back Damien Harris, who plastered the “Planned Parenthood” logo on his kicks last week.

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