Comedy Gold! Butchers Vanquish Vegan Protesters with Meat


Funny’s funny, and this is most definitely funny. Even if you’re the most “tolerant” of people, there’s no way you couldn’t put that aside and get at least a chuckle from this.

Vegan protesters took their hate of normal human diets to a butcher shop in Leeds, England on July 28. The video was recently uploaded to YouTube, and it doesn’t disappoint.

In response to the protest, two older butchers decided to take matters into their own hands — literally. One of the butchers grabbed two handfuls of meat and began chasing the protesters with them until the activists moved away from his shop. The second butcher was equally as funny, placing a pig’s head on the counter looking in the direction of the protesters. Classic British comedy if I ever saw it.

Here’s the video:


Hold on. I’m sorry. I almost choked on my steak while watching that. Too funny!

What people like these protesters don’t understand is that you can disagree with someone else’s lifestyle choices without trying to take away their livelihood. Constant protests like this hurt businesses — not only because it tries to persuade people not to eat meat — but because people who do frequent places like this don’t want to deal with the headache “woke” activists bring to the table.

You don’t want to eat meat? Good for you. You do you, and I’ll do what I do. I won’t push my BS on you, just like I don’t want your BS to be pushed on me.

Good for these butchers. Keep up the good work, fellas!

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