Comedy Central Writer Finds a New Low With a Profane Easter Tweet

Brittany M. Hughes | April 14, 2017
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Jake Weisman, one of the writers and stars behind Comedy Central’s upcoming show “Corporate,” flung out a truly reprehensible tweet Thursday regarding Easter, Christianity’s most revered holiday.

Be warned: Weisman’s language is vile and, if you're anything close to a decent human being, it's likely to piss you off.

Here’s the tweet, in all its disgraceful glory:

It's worth noting that Weisman's tweet comes just a few days after dozens of Coptic Christians in Egypt were slaughtered in a church on Palm Sunday in a terrorist bombing.

Comedy Central has yet to publicly address Weisman’s post. Though, while I’m not sure they’re even aware of it yet, I'd bet that offending Christians by taking a verbal dump all over their most sacred day probably doesn’t rank very high on their no-no list.

Weisman, who calls himself “a dumb slut with big dreams” on his own Twitter profile and boasts more than 41,000 followers, has an extensive history of penning disgusting and juvenile tweets, many of which are too revolting re-post. He did submit one post, however, that actually rates off the charts on the accuracy scale: 

Yes, Jake. It really is.


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