Comedians JP Sears & Brent Pella Mercilessly Mock 'Cancel Culture' and the 'Internet Rage Mob'

Nick Kangadis | August 18, 2020
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Tired of “cancel culture?” Tired of people who have no idea who you are trying to shut you up simply because they’re attempting to fill some entitled void?

Well, comedian and YouTuber JP Sears is at it again with another parody video, this time examining how “cancel culture” and “the internet rage mob” cancel each other out.

The red-headed Sears and fellow comedian Brent Pella go back and forth with each other over who is canceled and who isn’t based on how much or little “woke” social justice they display while determining if they should be “canceled” for virtue signaling instead of truly meaning what they say.

I know, I know. Its taken me years to understand “woke” language, and I honestly wish I didn’t know what these people were talking about.

The pair go over tweets and other social media posts from years prior that the typical “woke” leftist both might say and/or call out someone else for posting.

“Back in 2008 did you tweet, ‘Everybody just needs to calm down?’” Pella as “cancel culture” asked of Sears before condemning him while interrupting his attempts to answer. “Everybody needs to calm down? So you don’t believe in anxiety? Well as of 11:03 a.m. today, you’re canceled! Thanks!”

“Oh, you must be part of the cancel culture?” Sears responded.

“Yeah, I’m a founding member,” Pella said while revealing a fake “CC” tattoo. “You might have seen my work online.”

“I have seen some of your work, and honestly, I’m not impressed,” Sears said.

“Who are you to judge?” Pella self-righteously responded.

“I’m the deputy commissioner of the internet rage mob,” Sears replied before revealing a fake “rage mob” tattoo. “I am the judge.”

It goes on from there, and it just gets funnier and funnier. I don’t want to go too deep into it, because if you have to explain a joke, it ceases being funny.