Comedian Leaves Oxford Crowd Speechless After Monologue On Wokeness

John Simmons | January 19, 2023
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Most thinking people can agree that the consequences of progressivism and “wokeness” in our culture at large are negative, but very few of us can summarize its causes and effects as well as Konstantin Kisin.

The award-winning Russian-British comedian, media personality, and social commentator recently participated in a debate at the Oxford Union, which is a forum at Oxford University where experts from a variety of fields debate a variety of topics. The title for this particular debate was, “This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far,” and he posted the clip of his argument on Twitter.

In his speech, Kisin delivers his thoughts on wokeness with the rationale and logic of an intellectual, while maintaining the wit and charm of a comedian. Kisin stated he believes that wokeness causes its adherents to become self-proclaimed victims, creating a demographic of people that complain to get what they want instead of contributing to society as a whole while focusing on issues that aren't that important, like climate change (which he eviscerates thoroughly).

The roughly 9-minute segment is below, and it is worth every second.

Kisin delivers his thoughts in such a way that he does not simply stop and highlight the logical bankruptcy of wokeness, but also provides the many young people of my generation who have foolishly embraced wokeness with a sense of hope.

The next generation of young people don’t have to embrace a worldview that inherently keeps you from accomplishing anything. Instead, young people can choose a different lifestyle, one that offers a solid moral compass, a set of admirable values, and a way in which to build a world that is better for their posterity.

If this doesn’t give you hope that the future can look different than the present, I don’t know what will.

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