Columbia Law Spurns Military Recruiters On Campus, But Gives Credit For Anti-Trump Work

Nick Kangadis | September 15, 2017
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A lot of institutions of higher learning in this country should have their “University” label revoked, and instead simply be called “indoctrination centers.”

In yet another example of a college squelching the free exchange of ideas, Columbia Law School are criticizing the presence military recruiters on their campus, while simultaneously giving students credit for Pro-LGBT and anti-Trump work.

Gillian Lester, the dean of Columbia University Law School, Lester wrote in a letter to students that President Trump’s ban on transgender people in the military “conflicts directly with our nondiscrimination policy and with our values as an institution.”

Fox News reported:

The letter was sent to address the fact that members of the Judge Advocate General Corps, the legal branch of the military, would be holding information sessions starting Friday […]

Lester, who used to be a dean at University of California, Berkeley, wrote that, in an effort to “ameliorate the effects of discriminatory military recruiting practices,” the school would support students attending LGBT college fairs and other programming concerning LGBT issues.

As a taxpayer-supported institution, Columbia can't outright ban military recruiters from working on campus. Instead, the school notes they will allow recruiters with "vociferous objection."

It figures that the same radical leftist that's now discriminating against the military (despite writing that Columbia has a “nondiscriminatory policy”) used to work at UC-Berkeley. Small world!

Speaking of discrimination, Columbia Law is also giving out “pro bono credit for graduation” for students that participate in the optional Columbia Human Rights Law Review’s Trump Human Rights Tracker.

According to the Law Review website:

With each day bringing fresh news of a damaging initiative by the President of the United States, it is difficult to keep up with all that the new Administration is doing that threatens human rights. To aid journalists, civil society organizations, and the general public, the Columbia Human Rights Law Review and Columbia Law School’s Rightslink, Human Rights Clinic, and Human Rights Institute have launched this regularly updated tool to keep track of Trump’s actions and their impacts on human rights. It summarizes the action taken by the President, identifies the human rights implications, and provides links to sources where readers can find more detailed analysis.

Basically, Columbia Law School is promoting and rewarding anti-Trump extra credit work, because they didn’t get their way in last year’s election.

Maybe if Columbia Law dedicated their time to actually studying the law, they’d realize their blatant double standards are discriminatory in and of themselves.

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