Colombian 'May Day' Protesters Burn Nazi-Clad Trump in Effigy

Nick Kangadis | May 2, 2018
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For a country that benefits from between $200 million and $300 million in foreign aid from the United States every year in recent years, a large portion of Colombians really hate the U.S.

Protesters celebrating the Socialist and Communist holiday of “May Day” — or International Workers’ Day — dressed up a giant model of President Trump in a Nazi uniform, while holding a white KKK hood, and posed him over an American flag that had swastikas instead of stars.

Oh, and then they set the whole damn thing on fire!

Here’s a clip of the hate-filled mob doing what they do (burning things while not working):


Anybody else ready to take that foreign aid away? Americans used to get truly offended and display righteous outrage when images of people in foreign countries burning our flag or other demonstrations were shown. Now, we’re lucky if anyone at all even talks about an event like this.

It’s become commonplace, and it’s most certainly disgusting.

The irony is that if Americans burned anything representing a foreign country, they would be vilified and shunned. But, burn an American flag, and you’re some kind of quasi folk hero.

In an age of constantly being offended for attention purposes — and fake outrage just to claim outrage — here’s an example of something for Americans to be truly offended about, and it went by without a whimper.

Very sad what our once “shining city on a hill” has become.