Colombian Drug Gang Puts $70K Bounty on Drug-Sniffing Dog

Nick Kangadis | July 30, 2018
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It sounds like drug cartels and gangs are getting desperate amid increased drug seizures. Just last week it was reported that the U.S. Coast Guard had seized $729 million worth of Central and South American cocaine over the last two months.

The Urabenos gang in Colombia has taken action to stop one of the biggest impediments to its drug trade — Sombra the drug-sniffing dog.

Colombian police drug-sniffing dog, Sombra — which is Spanish for “Shadow” — has aided in the seizure of nine tons of cocaine and the arrest of “at least” 245 people over the last three years, according to CNN.

The Urabenos have placed what equates to a $70,000 bounty on Sombra’s head, because — in the end — these drug gangs have little to no shame or remorse that they would target an animal.

Colombia’s most famous canine has received increased security as a result of the bounty.

CNN reported that besides being with her “usual handler,” Jose Rojas, “Sombra is now escorted by other officers to keep an eye on her.”

It’s sad that we’ve come to a point in our society — in our “human evolution” — that people feel the need to target an animal that is only doing what it was taught to do. But, as the old saying goes, “Money talks.” When that money stops talking as loudly, those that make said money off of the misery of other people don’t care about the tactics it takes to keep that money flowing in.

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