Colo. Middle School Students Handle Guns During Gun Safety Class

Ben Graham | March 17, 2016
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Craver Middle School in Colorado City has taken a hands-on approach to teaching their students about gun safety. Students spent three days learning how to safely handle and fire loaded firearms.

"We are teaching them how to hold and aim the rifle, how to fire a shot correctly, how to be safe in their handling and how to think about what they're doing so they can tell they're doing it right and know they're being safe," said instructor Pete Lessler.

Lessler is part of Project Appleseed, a nonpartisan, apolitical group that teaches children about guns. For the past three years Project Appleseed has focused on teaching the students marksmanship and the proper handling of rifles from different positions -- both for effectiveness and safety.

The training is rolled into the school's curriculum for civics and history, with a special focus on the American Revolution. The students were even able to explore the types of firearms utilized by the military at the time, and even got a live demonstration of muskets by experts at the range.

"I actually have always been kind of a little apprehensive about [guns], but I do honestly think that knowledge is important," said Brandi McKinney, one student's mother. "And for the kids to be able to learn how to properly deal with them is definitely important.”

“I think that it’s better for them to have a respect for it [and] know how to handle it,” said Project Appleseed volunteer Jim Heath.