Colleges Seeing Pronoun Pandemic

Jason Cohen | September 14, 2022
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Choosing from only two genders is becoming an outdated concept for current college students. According to Genny Beemyn in a piece for Salon, tens of thousands of them identify as something other than “he” or “she.” 

Based on Beemyn’s analysis of over 1.2 million college applications through data from the Common App, about 3% (around 37,000) incoming college students for the 2022-2023 school year have a pronoun outside of this binary. Beemyn writes, “These students provided approximately 130 different genders and about 78 different pronoun sets – from ‘ae/aem,’ which was first used in a 1920 science fiction novel with third-gender characters who were born from air, to ‘ze/zir,’ which is likely based on the German plural third-person pronoun ‘sie.’” 

In a national survey by American College Health Association, the percentage of college students who stated that they are nonbinary has more than tripled from 1.4% in 2016 to 5.1% in 2022

It is frightening how trendy this is becoming. Identity is confusing, especially for young people who do not fit into traditional gender roles, and they can be persuaded by powerful forces.  

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For example, a Disney executive in charge of content says the company has committed to increase LGBTQIA and racial minority characters to represent half of all characters

Clearly, there is an agenda at play, and the massive increase in nonbinary identification is not simply a natural occurrence. 

This manufactured media manipulation is causing Democrats in particular to believe even more madness regarding gender. 

A WPA Intelligence poll found a terrifying proportion of Democrats believe men can get pregnant. One in five Democrats believe that men can get pregnant including 36% of college-educated white Democrat women.

These beliefs along with the adoption of new genders may have harmful impacts. It is conceivable that people adopting new genders will not do so permanently especially because of the trendiness factor. Temporarily, this can lead to additional confusion and alienation, but the worst case scenario is getting surgery based on it only to regret it later on. 

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