College Republicans Catch a Leftist Vandalizing Their Event Posters

Alex Hall | October 8, 2018
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A leftist was caught vandalizing posters advertising an upcoming conservative event at the University of Washington. 

The posters advertised an upcoming event called Campus Clash, a joint tour of Turning Point USA's rising conservative stars Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk.

The local College Republicans Chapter President Chevy Swanson, along with his Vice President Armen Tooloee, recorded video as they confronted a campus leftist vandalizing their posters for the event. Check out the exchange:

The guy ignored the College Republicans and continued his work of tearing their posters down. 

Now while readers may be tempted to think this is an isolated incident, Charles Swanson says that sadly is not the case.

“This behavior is exceptionally common at the University of Washington,” Swanson told Breitbart News, “almost every time we put up posters, they are removed within a few hours. Many UW students can’t even bear the idea of seeing our posters and being reminded of our existence. It’s a shame that so many students feel that it’s important to silence us like this so often.”

A similar incident took place UT Austin where Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) held a pro-Kavanaugh demonstration only to watch their signs torn apart in front of them by a shouting activist.