College Professor Makes Class Recite ‘Anti-American’ Version Of Pledge Of Allegiance


Discussed on Fox NewsOn the Record with Greta Van Susteren last night, a Denver college professor is getting a lot of heat for making his students recite an “anti-American” version of the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance.

Metropolitan State University Professor Charles Angeletti reportedly passed out a flier with the amended pledge and required his American Civilization class to read it aloud.

The “pledge” reads:

I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the United States

Against Anything Un-American and to the Republicans for which it stands,

two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor,

with curtailed liberty and justice for all

except blacks, homosexuals, women who want abortions, Communists, welfare queens, treehuggers, feminazis, illegal immigrants, children of illegal immigrants, and you if you don't watch your step.”

Caleb Bonham, editor-and-chief of Campus Reform, explains,

“It’s a completely different Pledge of Allegiance – and [students are] having to pledge allegiance to a racist, homophobic, sexist America that is in the name of Jesus, that hates Communists and women who want to get abortions. And it’s a very strong political statement that this professor has. It’s completely contrary to the university’s values.”

In speaking with Campus Reform, the professor reportedly explained the “pledge” as a class exercise or “ice-breaker” designed “to teach an alternative perspective on American history – on patriotism in America.”

The self-proclaimed atheist and socialist professor told Campus Reform,

“We’re very racist, we’re very repressive, we’re very Christian oriented, we don’t tolerate other kinds of thinking in this country.”

We all know that every citizen of this country is entitled to his or her own opinions, but does that make it O.K. for professors to force their politics upon their arguably impressionable students? 

H/T Fox News

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