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College Dems Wear White Puzzle Pieces to Recognize 'White Privilege'


Have you had your daily does of “tolerance” today? No? Well, this should fill that quota.

Students at a college in Pennsylvania will begin wearing white puzzle pieces in order to promote “white privilege” awareness.

According to Lancaster Online:

The Elizabethtown College Democrats are launching a project Saturday in which they will ask students and others to wear a white puzzle piece pin every day to encourage them to think deeply about how racial identity affects their life, directly or indirectly.

The project was borrowed and adapted from a Lutheran pastor’s similar effort in Wisconsin.

You know who aren’t racists? People who go about their daily lives and couldn’t care less about the color of the person they’re talking to. People who don’t base every aspect of every situation based on what color someone is.

When a person is told to recognize their racial identity, all that does is divide people based on said racial identity. College students like these have been so indoctrinated by the system that they have been pushed through that they truly believe they are trying to unify people.

White privilege wasn’t created by black people looking to right the wrongs of racial inequality. It was created by white liberals who feel that they constantly, every single day of their lives, need to whine about something.

President of the College Democrats Aileen Ida told Lancaster Online, “This project will encourage people to have conversations about race and how their inherent white privilege has a part in the systematic oppression of minorities — whether or not they purposefully participate in the system.”

The funny thing is, when do we not have conversations about race? Liberals are obsessed with race. They push the conversation onto everyone, because they like having a soapbox to stand on.

What most people don’t understand is that the liberal mentality lends itself to division, because it furthers their ideological agenda. The more segments they can divide people into, the more those segments will look for help in furthering their segment of society.

Enter big government.

And that’s what “the game” is all about: control. The more they can divide, the more they can say that the people can’t manage life on their own.

I don’t recognize my “white privilege.” What privileges do I have that others don’t? I’m not rich. Heck, like most people, my head is barely above water. But you know what? I worked for everything I have, and I’ll be damned if someone is going to tell me that the only reason I have any of the comforts I possess is because of my skin color.

It just goes to show how racist these race-criers truly are.

H/T: Fox News

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