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Colbert Says Trump 'Mouthpiece' Sarah Huckabee Sanders Should Resign


Tuesday evening, Stephen Colbert decided to vilify Sarah Huckabee Sanders for -- allegedly -- not wanting to do the press briefing on Monday about the Trump Administration’s child separation policy before suggesting that she resign.

Colbert cited a tweet from Oliver Darcy, a senior media reporter at CNN, saying that an unnamed White House official told Jeff Zeleny this.

But clearly Mr. Colbert needs a better research team, because not even an hour later Darcy responded to his own tweet recusing that statement. Sanders told Zeleny that she was “falsely accused” of not wanting to do the briefing and just wanted the experts to talk about it.


Colbert kept trucking on through the false information and called Sanders a “mouthpiece” and a “vehicle” for President Trump. He claimed it wasn’t personal, but then compared her to a vestigial twin.

He then suggests that, if she really didn’t want to address the press--again, not true--then she could always resign.

“This is the White House, not an abandoned Walmart--you’re allowed to leave," he said.

Colbert’s late night show runs on CBS -- the same network that falsely claimed Sarah Huckabee Sanders was considering leaving the White House.

Hey CBS, instead of spreading lies about Sanders, try something more productive. A book club, maybe?

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