Colbert Finds Out Paul Ryan Is 3% Jewish, Offers Live Circumcision

Caleb Tolin | August 2, 2018
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After Stephen Colbert found out that Paul Ryan had the slightest bit of Jewish heritage, he decided it was appropriate to offer the Speaker of the House a circumcision on live national television.

Speaker Ryan was participating in PBS’s “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.,” when he found out that he was three-percent (3%) Jewish -- Ashkenazi Jewish to be specific.

Ryan took to Twitter to make a playful joke about the minute amount of Jewish heritage in his blood.

On his late-night show Wednesday night, Colbert decided to take the “joking” to an entirely different level by offering the House Speaker a live circumcision.

“Haven’t the Jewish people suffered enough?” Colbert asked. “This naturally leads to one burning question: Paul Ryan, are you even circumcised, bro?”

Colbert then said circumcision is the “price of admission” and offered to host “The Late Show’s Live Paul Ryan Bris-Stravaganza.”

“Come on my show and get a live bris,” Colbert demanded. “Think about it, Paul. The foreskin is only 1% of the penis and we know how much you love cuts for the 1%.”

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