Code Pink Protests at Concert Honoring Veterans, But Can't Explain Why

danjoseph | November 12, 2014
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On Veterans Day a free concert was held on the National Mall in honor of those who have served their country in the United States Military.  Many of these men and women lost their lives or have been seriously injured for life in service to their country.

But the fact that the night was to honor our fighting men and women didn’t seem to bother the leftist, anti-war group “Code Pink.”

The group decided to stage an anti-war and anti-military protest right outside the gates where attendees were entering the concert.

One U.S. veteran protesting with Code Pink said that, "technically," he served in the U.S. military during the Reagan Administration - but, "I was a Communist in the Army."

They waved anti-war signs and handed out bright pink stickers that said “Make Out, Not War.” Whether or not this was an anti-war protest or an actual statement against our troops was unclear.

But, when questioned the protesters as to whether our veterans were “heroes” and whether they were fighting for our freedom when they are on the battlefield, they had a lot of trouble giving me a straight answer.

The real question is why they chose Veterans Day to make their anti-war statement.  Code Pink claims that they are trying to help our veterans by protesting against unjust wars that the United States government sends them to fight in.

But, the reality is that many of our veterans truly believe in what they were fighting for and are proud of the service they gave to their country.  They may not like hearing that their friends and fellow soldiers who gave their lives, died for a war that these protesters view as pointless.  Particularly, on a day when we honor those who make huge sacrifices to keep the U.S. and the world safe and free.  

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