'Cocaine in the Ukraine': Parody Music Video Pokes Fun at Hunter Biden & His Ukraine Ties

Nick Kangadis | March 18, 2022

Folks, with all the heartache and misery that our government leaders intentionally place upon us - regardless of what country we're talking about - sometimes you just gotta have a laugh to decompress from it all.

A video making the rounds on Twitter makes fun of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, his past drug abuse, womanizing and "alleged" dealings with "allegedly" corrupt entities in Ukraine. 

The song parodies legendary rap group Cypress Hill's 1993 song, "Insane in the Brain." Only this time, the title of the song is "Cocaine in the Ukraine."


Funny's funny, and this is funny. Take a look:

Hope everyone got a few yuk-yuks. Happy Friday!