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CNN's Van Jones on SOTU: 'A Psychotically Incoherent Speech With Cookies and Dog Poop'


In the era of Trump, the media’s own sanity has devolved to the point that they’re now sounding like eight-year-olds fighting with each other during recess.

CNN’s Van Jones — the same guy who called President Trump’s victory in 2016 a “white-lash” — channeled his inner child Tuesday night, calling Trump’s State of the Union address “a psychotically incoherent speech with cookies and dog poop.” His reasoning behind the statement stems from his displeasure with Trump not recognizing every guest the Democrats brought to the event.

Take a look:


Trump asking to ban late-term abortion? “Cookies and poop.” Trump advocating for the eradication of human and child trafficking? “Psychotically incoherent.” Trump denouncing socialism? More “cookies and dog poop.”

How old are you, Van? I often wonder sometimes if some of these talking heads actually think before they say something, which is ironic considering they’re always coming down on others for their free speech. They’re allowed to have no filter, but it’s a hard no for anyone else that might not subscribe to their radical doctrine.

H/T: NewsBusters

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