CNN's Sally Kohn Blames 'AK-15s' for Mass Shootings

Brittany M. Hughes | July 21, 2016

CNN commentator and liberal talking head Sally Kohn went after Donald Trump during his speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Thursday night, slamming him for allegedly "profiling" people by bizarrely pointing out mass shootings committed by "white guys" armed with "AK-15s." 

Which...well, isn't a real thing.

Kohn tweeted:

Yep. Apparently, people have "lost their violence" to "white guys with AK-15s."

Twitter immediately lit up with an onslaught of hilarious responses to Kohn's painfully ignorant anti-gun sentiment.


Kohn tried to correct her multiple embarassing mistakes -- most notably when she mixed up an AR-15 with an AK-47 -- before once again berating "the right" for pointing out the fact that...well, she clearly knows nothing about guns.



But Kohn's lackluster backtracking didn't appease too many people.



While unlikely, perhaps Kohn's not-so-excusable slip will serve as a cautionary tale to liberals who spout inane anti-gun rhetoric as political talking points. Perhaps, just perhaps, one should at least know the basic facts.