CNN's Don Lemon Downplays Black-on-Black Violence in Order to Educate Guest Terry Crews on Black Lives Matter


Ah, the Communist News Network (CNN). Where the host/interviewer preaches to the guest that they asked on to answer their questions instead of allowing the guest to speak. It’s a close race between himself and fellow CNN host Christ Cuomo, but Don Lemon is perhaps the most self-righteous, self-unaware person on television. Maybe that’s why the majority of CNN’s ratings seemingly comes from airports where even the cleaning crews don’t watch.

Lemon had actor Terry Crews on his show Monday evening to talk about his trepidation in supporting the “Marxist” Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. After going back and forth for a little bit — with Lemon interjecting and cutting off Crews’ responses in order to explain and cover for the BLM movement — Lemon decided to downplay the black-on-black violence going on in American cities at an increasing rate.

Again, Lemon did this to play cover for BLM. He even went so far as to imply to Crews that he should grow a backbone when it comes to social media backlash.

“I have a skin as tough as an armadillo because of what I do, and I think, maybe you should adapt that,” Lemon said.

I’ll give credit to Lemon. He’s got guts when it comes to saying what he believes. Lemon told a man who could physically snap him in half that he needed to toughen up. But by no means does Lemon have a thick skin, otherwise he wouldn’t find the insecure need to interrupt all of his guests whenever he hears something that he doesn’t believe.

Lemon continued:

The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality. If you want an ‘All Black Lives Matter’ movement that talks about gun violence in communities including, you know, black communities, then start that movement with that name. But that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about. It’s not an all-encompassing…if someone started a movement that said ‘Cancer Matters,” and then someone comes in and says, ‘Why aren’t you talking about HIV?’ It’s not the same thing. We’re talking about cancer. So the Black Lives Matter movement is about police brutality and injustice in that manner, not about what’s happening in black neighborhoods.

Here’s a question. Is Lemon a CNN anchor/journalist or is he an activist/spokesperson for BLM? I don't care how long he was a reporter for local Chicago stations. I’d wager real money that Lemon has no clue what the name of the 7-year-old girl is who was shot and killed in Chicago over the weekend.

It’s Natalia Wallace! Say her name, Lemon! I dare you! And don't look to your teleprompter to save you.

Here's the clip of the above sermon that Lemon delivered to Crews:

According to NewsBusters writer Nicholas Fondacaro, “Crews agreed that police brutality was important, but said the leaders of BLM had more to their agenda and they needed to be grilled on it.

“I understand what you’re saying. I totally understand. It is about police brutality,” Crews said. “That should never be accepted. I am not saying that that’s not it. But, there’s more there. If they [BLM] have more on their agenda, we need to ask them about what else is on that agenda other than police brutality.”

Lemon is just plain rude. There’s no two ways about it. He cut off Crews because Crews wasn’t saying what Lemon and the brass at CNN wanted to hear from a black man. God forbid a black man question the propaganda being fed to him by a network whose sole purpose is to attack the  president and the American way of life in general.

Good for Crews for standing up for himself and not backing down one of CNN’s chief virtue signalers.


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