CNN's Don Lemon & Co. Mock Trump Supporters As Illiterate Southern Hicks Who Can't Read a Map

Brittany M. Hughes | January 28, 2020
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CNN host Don Lemon and his two-panel of "expert" guests mocked Trump voters as a bunch of illiterate country bumpkins who are too stupid to read a map during a segment Monday night.

"[Pompeo] also knows deep within his heart that Donald Trump couldn't find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter U and a picture of an actual physical crane next to it," said ex-GOP strategist Rick Wilson. "He knows that this is, you know, an administration defined by ignorance of the world. And so that's partly him playing to the base and playing to their audience. You know, the credulous Boomer rube demo that backs Donald Trump."

"'Donald Trump's the smart one — any y'all elitists are dumb!'" Wilson continued, shifting to a heavy Southern accent apparently meant to illustrate redneck Trump voters.

"'You elitists with your geography and your maps- and your spelling!'" CNN contributor Wajahat Ali added.

"'Your math and your reading! All those lines on a map!" Wilson went on, as Lemon fell over his desk laughing. 



Ironically, while CNN apparently still thinks Trump supporters are nothing but a bunch of uneducated, inbred hicks too dumb to know geography, it appears Lemon & Friends are too dumb to know that this arrogant, smug, condescending attitude toward conservatives and their values is exactly what elected Donald Trump in the first place.

So keep it up and see what it gets you in 2020.