CNN's Chris Cillizza Gets Absolutely Destroyed on Reddit

Maureen Collins | July 20, 2017
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Chris Cillizza, the head editor of CNN Politics, decided it would be a good idea to host an "ask me anything" (known as an "AMA") event on Reddit. It was not. 

Redditers used the opportunity to have Cillizza answer any of their questions to absolutely rip him to shreds for all kinds of reasons, including his leftist bias. Here are a few:

And those are just the PG-rated responses. Then Ashley Feinberg, a writer at Wired, asked the question on everyone's mind: 

Hey Chris, welcome to the world outside of the elite media bubble. 

Chris's former employer, the Washington Post, thought that the Reddit event went just swimmingly. Why? Because "important people to Reddit AMAs." Oh, brother. This is exactly the type of thing people were going after Cillizza for in the first place. 

This all goes to show that the liberal media is still lacking in self-awareness. 

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