CNN's Brian Stelter Floats Conspiracy Theory About 'Clear Coverup' Concerning Trump's Health

Nick Kangadis | October 6, 2020
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Actual conspiracy theorists would be jealous of the ideas being floated by CNN hosts since President Donald Trump announced he tested positive for COVID-19. Chris “Fredo” Cuomo lost his mind Monday night following Trump’s return to the White House. Now, Brian Stelter is claiming that “there is a clear coverup underway” concerning “the health of the president.”

On Sunday, Stelter tweeted out a video of himself talking about the “coverup” being a possibility because Trump “is so sensitive about being perceived as weak.”

Well, Stelter tweeted Tuesday morning that he’s amending his previous statement and now claims that a “coverup” is a fact.

The left, Stelter included, has completely lost their minds over the health of Trump — as if they truly care about his well-being. These are the same people who bashed Trump for getting COVID because his supposed irresponsibility, then questioned whether Trump even had the virus because he wasn’t on death’s door and now are calling it a “coverup” because their narrative that COVID will end the world is falling flat.

Unlike the left, no one on the right — at least no one with half a brain — is calling for these conspiracy theorists to be de-platformed because then the right wouldn’t know what the left is thinking and doing. No cancel culture there.

The right, while they vehemently disagree with the left on most topics, will watch and share what the left says because they like to stay informed. The left calls for the “cancellation” of anyone that doesn’t completely agree with their narrative and won’t watch the right, because they want to stay in their bubble and tell the right that they don’t deserve a platform.

Keep it up, CNN! You’re doing a good job of proving how pointless your outlet has become.

H/T: Timcast (YouTube)

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