CNN's Acosta to Kimmel on 'Tormenting' Trump: 'It's a Living'

Nick Kangadis | May 17, 2018

Why is CNN’s Jim Acosta even on a late-night talk show? I can understand presidents or presidential candidates being on these shows, but why does Hollywood now think that news reporters are celebrities? It kind of tarnishes the credibility of the reporter because of the possibility of exposing the reporter’s bias.

To be fair, none of us have ever had to question where Acosta’s allegiances lie.

Anyway, Acosta was on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday night — and while Kimmel reveled in Acosta’s badgering of the Trump administration during press conferences — Acosta attempted to downplay his animus towards Trump and his team.

“Listen, when I covered [former president] Barack Obama, I was just as tough on him,” Acosta told Kimmel. “People might not want to believe that.”

It’s not that people don’t want to believe that Acosta was just as tough on Obama, it’s that it’s not true. How many headlines was Acosta grabbing during the Obama presidency? Personally, I didn’t hear about this guy pretty much at all during the Obama presidency. If he was so “tough,” he might’ve been as well known then as he is now.

Oh, and there’s this:


After a few minutes of friendly back and forth between the two “Jimmys” — in which Kimmel marveled at the fact that Acosta gets to harass Trump on an almost daily basis — Kimmel led Acosta into saying something by asking a third grade question.

“Do you dare the president to sit down and do an interview with you?” Kimmel asked.

“I dare him [Trump] to sit down for an interview with me,” Acosta replied before downplaying that his interview would be anything other than a hit piece on the president.

“We would do what we always do,” Acosta concluded, “which is do the news.”

Sure. Keep telling yourself that, Mr. Acosta.

But, then Kimmel decided to praise Acosta for “tormenting” members of the Trump administration, and Acosta’s response was very telling.

“Well, I’m enjoying you tormenting them, I will say that,” Kimmel said trying to wrap things up. “It’s a small consolation. It really is.”

“It’s a living,” Acosta replied. “It pays the bills.”

This is your CNN White House correspondent, folks. Just thought you should know in case you weren’t already aware.

For the full Acosta interview with Kimmel, watch below: